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Welcome to Pluritec

Founded in 1968 Pluritec® continues to innovate the Printed Circuits Boards industry.
With a long experience, professional skills and in-depth knowledge of the market and investments in the latest technology we develop high end equipment for the printed circuits boards (PCB & PCBA) manufacturing, offering a wide range of equipment able to cover most of the PCB fabrication process.
Customers are supported worldwide by our global service network formed by experienced engineers .


Mixing 50 years of experience with innovation the company mission remains Customer  Satisfaction.
Innovation, technology and global quality are our drivers.
We are ISO9001 – Vision certified and trying hard to do better every day.
In the continue effort to meet our customers demand we work to offer customised configurations and tailor-made machines designed to customer specifications to satisfy different types of production requirements.
Specific know how in the camera vision recognition and x-ray applications that combined to the experience in micro drilling technology allows to develop extremely advanced drilling and routing applications.

  • 1968. First drilling machines for printed circuit boards
  • 1985. “Multistation” single spindle modules machines
  • 1990. Single Spindle driller with camera registration capability
  • 1995. 8 heads drilling system introduced to the market
  • 1994. First x-ray tooling holes optimizer for multi layers board
  • 2008. Combo system with ONE STEP technology, driller with real time x-ray alignment to panel/image
  • 2001. IS International Supplies wet processing machines acquisition
  • 2012. X-Measure, automatic Inspection and coordinate measuring machine
  • 2013. Inspecta S1, dedicated high productivity x-ray optimizer
  • 2015. New single spindle model “EVO”
  • 2016 .New Shearing Bevelling machine
  • 2016. New one station double spindle EVO2S
  • 2017. New dedicated “in line” marking station for panel serialization
  • 2017. New “in line” automation and buffer for Inspecta optimiser
  • 2017. OCL wet processing equipment integration in IS division
  • 2018. New x-ray unit for 120″ (3000 mm) long panels processing
  • 2018. New Golden XXL 2 heads drilling and routing 110″x50″ (2800 x 1280 mm) working area with vacuum table
  • 2020. New x-ray Inspecta Twin for HDI applications