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Single spindle LARGE FORMAT micro drilling and precision routing machine for hight end applications.

  • One heads on linear motors and linear guides
  • Can be configured with a dedicated spindle for drilling or routing
  • Large Format 1390x830mm (55.00×32.00″).
  • All axis driven by linear motor for speed and accuracy.
  • Table runs on a gantry system for maximum performance and positioning control.
  • High speed drilling spindles from 200k up to 250k rpm for micro drilling.
  • High torque routing spindles from 5k to 125K rpm for heavy duty routing to precision routing.
  • Depth control drilling and routing using contact surface sensing, linear scale and mapping.
  • HD CCD Camera with RGB lighting registration solutions for flip drilling, back drilling and sequential build up applications.
  • High capacity tool holder up to with 1386 positions operated independently from machine
  • Code reader for panel/job recognition
  • Automatic loading unloading system to run the machine unmanned.
  • Powerful IPC CNC Windows OS with full and easy to use user interface
  • Automatic bush change for micro-drilling
  • Panel clamping system
  • Joystick with software tools for manual camera operation
  • Code reader / Panel marking
  • Metal routing kit with tool cooling
  • Floating pressure feet for pinless routing
  • Automatic insert change for micro routing application

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